Impressions from South Africa: A Conversation with Justice Albie Sachs

Recently I had the honor of meeting Justice Albie Sachs, one of the first judges appointed to South Africa’s new Constitutional Court by Nelson Mandela in 1994, and taking him through the exhibition Impressions from South Africa, 1965 to Now at MoMA. In the video above, Justice Sachs illuminates the history, triumphs, and humanity of his homeland through key works in the show.

Justice Sachs was among the first 11 judges appointed by President Mandela following his victory in the country’s first multiracial election. Committed to defending equal rights since his student days, Sachs fought racism and was outspoken on behalf of the African National Congress (ANC) during apartheid, even as he endured solitary confinement and an assassination attempt. When apartheid was dismantled, and Mandela released from jail in 1990, Sachs focused on the transition to democracy and a new Bill of Rights. Alongside this work, he cultivated the arts and their essential role in the new South Africa, including in the court itself.

I hope you’ll have the opportunity to view these powerful works in person before the exhibition closes on August 29.



Hi Judy
I’m contacting you from Art South Africa magazine, the leading publication on contemporary art in Southern Africa.
Associate Editor and Contributor Fay Jackson is going to be in New York from the 7-24 July. If you are available during this time, we would like to arrange an interview with you.
Our upcoming September issue is focusing on the concept of African Art, examining Africa as a mind-set and a cultural belonging, not just a topographical location. We are conducting interviews with cultural leaders, in Africa and around the world, who have an invested interest and connection to contemporary African art.
Please let me know if you are able to participate, we would greatly appreciate your input to the conversation.
Siobhan Keam

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